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About Us and Dorel Lacatus, CA LMT, PA LMT, President, Owner

About us – learn at European Medical Massage are located in Burbank on Olive Ave, also we are a mobile massage, in home and at your business traveling service, we have served over 27.000 people with many different forms of chronic pain, sport injuries to headaches, migraines, stress relief and relaxation! You can feel confident with years of professionalism and high standards massage you are in expert hands.

He is a California Licensed Massage Therapist  and  the President of European Medical Massage in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, President/Owner of Continuing Education Workshops at continuingedworkshops.com and the President/Owner of European Medical School of Massage in Reading PA at emsom.com.  Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist and former owner of European Medical Massage & Spa LLC in Reading, PA for 15 years at euromedspa.com. For the past 28 years, Mr. Lacatus has extensive education in Physiotherapy and Kinesiology during his practice in Europe, Romania and in the United States,  Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, British Soft Tissue Release, Myofascia Work, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Work, Ashiatsu Bar Massage, Cranio Sacral Work, Pregnancy Massage, in medical massage. He established businesses in Berks County that provides the community and surrounding areas with a quality wellness program unique for its’ clinical approach to massage for pain relief and management of chronic and acute health symptoms and conditions.

At European Medical Massage you will experience above standard massage and wellness services in the convenience of your home. Before you entertain the idea of ANY massage therapist coming to your home, please keep the following information in mind. It is your right as a client to be provided with the business and professional credentials to substantiate their business services. For your protection and safety, please read below.

A professional mobile and site massage therapy company will be registered with the local, State, and Federal government and will follow their guidelines.
An appropriate business will also provide you with their licensing or certification credentials, detailed directions and information about their services, and will present at your home in a professional manner. A professional practitioner will identify themselves with proper government identification, proof of liability insurance, and a printed certificate approved by European Medical Massage.
The quality of your massage experience is completely dependent upon the education and experience of the practitioner. European Medical Massage does all of the investigative work for you by clearing their team members with a state criminal history check, state and federal Child Abuse clearances, and insuring that they are eligible to be insured and bonded. In this industry, and with European Medical Massage, no practitioner will have less than three (3) years’ experience in their specific massage modality with no less than 1000 massages per year in that specific modality or other applicable modality.
Massage practitioners come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and experience levels. No matter what type of service you need, it is paramount to European Medical Massage that you are placed with the therapist that would best suit your needs on a professional service level. Since we respect your personal selection and choices regarding services in an intimate environment for treatment of specific physical conditions, we will provide you with the most appropriate therapist. In some cases, a therapist may be of the opposite gender than the client. If you are not comfortable with this type of setting, then we would be happy to place you with a same gender therapist. Our appointment scheduling program will be able to help you to customize your treatment to your needs and preferences. Therefore, at the prompt for choosing a massage therapist in either female or male gender, you may choose as you wish.

Massage practitioners have a vast array of professional products that they utilize for the performance of massage and wellness services. Most are hypo-allergenic, fragrance free (excepting aromatherapy products) and are as close to natural products in this field. Professional products are necessary for the practitioner to perform their specific techniques effectively, responsibly and safely. If you would choose to use your own products for a service, then please notify the therapist at the time of booking the appointment. In some circumstances the therapist may not be able to use your products as it would not be in the best interest of the client.
As part of the convenience of obtaining massage services in your home, you will have nothing to do but relax and enjoy the service. The professional team at European Medical Massage will provide a table, sheets, blankets, creams/oils, music, and other industry essentials upon arrival at your home or office. Some client may already have their own tables for services, however, our therapist will still provide the table for the session until the client’s table can be appropriately inspected and approved. Our therapists have the newest, state-of-the-art, client-focused equipment in the industry.
About your Session:
Feedback is essential for the massage therapist to treat you during your session. The client has the choice of the type of communication throughout the session. Professional massage therapists from European Medical Massage will ask about your comfort level, inquire about activities and habits that may contribute to one or more of your physical issues, and request feedback before, during and after your massage. The initial intake will allow the therapist to evaluate and assess your needs, and should include any pertinent medical health information, recreational physical activity, and occupational demands that may affect your overall well-being and function. Some clients like to speak about their lives and their personal situations during sessions. This is acceptable from the client as long as it is not suggestive or solicitous in manner. A massage therapist is trained in physical massage and relaxation techniques for the benefit of muscular release and rehabilitation. Although a therapist will listen to your conversations, he/she cannot give advice beyond the scope of his/her practice. However, every client has different needs and if one needs to purge or speak openly during a session, then it is that client’s right to do so. In any case, our therapists follow a strict adherence to protecting clients’ right and confidentiality. Your information, whether medical, professional, or personal is always protected.