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European Medical Massage will Improve Your Recovery Time

When you play sports competitively, you often push your body to its limits and beyond.  Injuries are all too common.  After an injury, however, you want to get back out on the field as soon as possible–and sports massage is one of the best ways to do that.

British Sports Massage  and Medical Massage to Improve Outcomes

There’s nothing that will substitute for medical massage alongside physical therapy when it comes to improving your outlook after a sports injury.  Medical massage improves blood flow to the area, manipulates deep tissue, and improves flexibility and functionality throughout the body.  This makes it possible to restore mobility faster than ever following an injury.

European Medical Massage is here to help you!

Physical Therapy Looks at the Whole Body

Your body isn’t just restricted to your injury.  In fact, as a result of your injury, several things in your body are likely out of whack.  For example, if you’ve injured a joint on one side of the body, the other side of the body is likely under more strain as you walk, stand, and even sit differently from normal in order to avoid pain.  This shift can cause lower back pain, shoulder pain, and other problems.  Unfortunately, physical therapy tends to focus on the affected area of the body even when it means ignoring others. British Sport Massage works to address all of the problems created by the injury, giving you back flexibility and mobility throughout your entire body.

Enjoy All the Other Benefits of British Sports Massage

Following an injury, you’re tense.  You’re worried about your recovery, stressing over how long it will be before you can play again, and concerned with what this will mean for your career in the sport of your choice.  Sports massage therapy doesn’t just improve your recovery time.  It also gives you an opportunity to sit back and relax while relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and increasing your energy following your injury.

The benefits of sports massage are impossible to ignore.  If you’re looking for an excellent place to get a British Sports Massage following an injury, why wait?

We, European Medical Massage, are serving all Burbank and Los Angeles County.

I’ve being working on APOLO OHNO and I like to share his testimonial with you:

apolo ohnoAPOLO OHNO

American Short Track Speed Skater, 8 time Olympic Medalist
“One of the best sport massage therapists I have had, and I have had many. He know’s to go exactly where the pain and restrictions are, extremely advanced massage techniques…I am pursuing Dorel as my personal Sport Massage Therapist during the Vancouver Olympics.”


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