Mobile Massage


Welcome to European Medical Massage, where relaxation is made available right at your home. Massage is a practice that has been conducted by various cultures around the world with the sole purpose of relaxing and relieving one’s stress and fatigue. Everyday, people get to conduct various activities from morning till evening. This leads to one’s body and mind to be fatigued and stressed.

Thanks to experienced mobile massage specialists, you can finally be relaxed while at your home. Majority of people find it hard to visit massage clinics and spas in order to receive the magic touch from Burbank mobile massage specialists. At European Medical Massage, the luxury will be made available to you in the comfort of your home by Los Angeles mobile massage specialists.

What many people don’t know is that regular massage and mobile massage benefits goes hand in hand with a healthier lifestyle and it is one of the greatest ways to manage and prevent pain without the need of using medication or expensive surgical procedures.

Why seek massage in your home service? Do you hate putting on make-up, getting in your car, driving to the nearest spa, wait in the reception area for the next available therapist, get massaged, drive home and repeat the same procedure again? To say the truth, you will be more fatigued than before finally feeling like you have wasted the entire session.

With massage in your home service, you don’t have to undergo the whole tiresome process. You will save time and you don’t have to drive back and forth. In today’s world, people are busy and time is something very precious. Work and responsibilities outweigh road trips to and from the spa. For instance, you live half an hour from the nearest spa, how long will it take you to prepare yourself, drive to the spa, get massaged and make the trip back to your home?

An hour massage session at the spa will take a chunk of time from your schedule. Why allow traffic lights and other traffic users to stress you and spoil your day further? Showering at the spa and putting on your clothes results in an unpleasant experience. Your time and comfort is precious, that’s why our talented Burbank mobile massage therapists are ready at hand to visit you at home and leave you relaxed and comfortable.

Massage has long been known to have benefits for the human body and mind. It helps to improve circulation in the body, improve joint range of motion and flexibility. Having been practiced for a long time, it has been found to reduce common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches, pain, anxiety and depression.

Our massage at home service offered by Los Angeles mobile massage therapists will cater to you therefore bringing the best massage experience to your home. This is the perfect time to relax and escape from your daily tasks.

Massage Services offered

Medical Massage

This is a form of massage that helps to alleviate different body injuries that cause discomfort and pain. Some of the ailments and injuries that can be alleviated with medical massage include sciatic nerve, pinch nerve, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, sinus infection, neck pain, hamstrings and fibromyalgia.

Physio Sport Massage

As a sports personality, you push your body to the edge in order to achieve the best performance while competing in the field. Injuries are common during field events and when they occur, you need to heal faster in order to return in the field. Sports massage from Burbank mobile massage experts will help you to heal faster and return to the field in better shape without the need of expensive surgical procedures and medication.

Other services on offer include:

-Deep Tissue Massage

-Myofascial Release

-Neuromuscular Therapy

-Trigger Point Myotherapy

-Orthopedic Massage


-Visceral Manipulation

-Swedish Body Massage

-Therapeutic Massage

-Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

-Prenatal body Massage

-Soft Tissues Release


Choose European Medical Massage today for 100% natural stress relief and relaxation at the comfort in your home. Call us at 818 235 7273.